Monday, February 02, 2009

Third Terms

That was the election mantra sung by Obama, his sidekick Joe the VP, and most of their supporters, that a vote for John McCain was a vote for a third term of W Bush. Little did we know it was a vote for Obama that represented a third term--of both W Bush and Bill Clinton:
Under executive orders issued by Obama recently, the CIA still has authority to carry out what are known as renditions, secret abductions and transfers of prisoners to countries that cooperate with the United States.

Current and former U.S. intelligence officials said that the rendition program might be poised to play an expanded role going forward because it was the main remaining mechanism -- aside from Predator missile strikes -- for taking suspected terrorists off the street.
For those who depend only on mainstream media reports for information such a story might be somewhat puzzling. Truth be told rendition goes back a ways. According to Richard Clarke's memoirs our current planetary savior Al Gore once came into a White House meeting about rendition and remarked, "he's a terrorist--go grab his ass". And no, he didn't walk into the Bush White House and say it.

But it's likely team ObamaClinton thinks the public is ignorant to such stuff, surely aware of all the misleading stories published these past seven years that hardly ever mentioned the history of rendition. Clinton's strategy was to punt the terrorist problem outside US courts, where messy things could happen, like publicity about terrorism. Why wouldn't Obama want to keep such an important tool in this toolbox? After all, tool's now cool:
"Under limited circumstances, there is a legitimate place" for renditions, said Tom Malinowski, the Washington advocacy director for Human Rights Watch.
According to the Executive Order the program will be thoroughly reviewed by his self-appointed task force, whose members will include folks like Hillary Clinton and Leon Panetta. Wonder if reporters like Stephen Grey will be following this closely going forward?

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