Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We, the Other People

Picking up where he left off Monday by mis-characterizing Republican opposition to his rescue plan--by attempting to portray all of them as Ron Paulians--Obama continued it today during an interview with ABC's Terry Moran, where he amped it up a notch (emphasis added):
MORAN: But what happened in Washington --

OBAMA: Oh -- oh, what happened in Washington was, I think that they made a decision that they want to continue the same fights that we've been having over the last decade. The American people, on the other hand, realize that we want something different; hence, the results of the election.
Notice how he used the words "we" and "they" in context to "the American people". Alinsky's Rules for Radicals again? Guess he missed the 50+ million who didn't vote for him, who now seem to fall into the "them" category by supporting Repubs.

Perhaps he didn't realize his comment could also be taken as offensive to the eleven blue-dog Democrats who opposed the price tag of his initial plan and voted no, or the one who put forth an alternative plan spending 70 percent less money by targeting true stimulus. Ah, but we mustn't use the politics of division in such a crisis. it ever was.

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