Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More on the White Powder and Fish Story

Few are covering this rather bizarre tale aside from Gov Exec and Huffington Post. For background follow to this, then read the update from today:
Administrative action has been taken against Maureen McCarthy, a senior adviser for weapons of mass destruction intelligence programs at the department, as a result of the incident, which sparked a security scare, the source said.
Once again, this writer uses some strange verbiage to describe Ms. McCarthy, especially since we presume she is a victim here:
McCarthy, a holdover from the Bush administration, is one of a number of officials who agency insiders say remains at the agency in positions created for them.
Finished off by this:
"The concern is this woman heads weapons of mass destruction and she will put this package in her car and park under a ventilation shaft," said one source.
Well yes, assuming that 1) she knew there was white powder mixed with the fish and, if so, 2) she knew there was a ventilation system where she parked.

This continues to be a very weird story. Why would someone mail a dead fish to a WMD expert? Why did they use a return address from a bio-weapons lab? Why do the writers of these articles insist on focusing on her actions after the fact and not the reason she was the recipient of such a package in the first place? Did the timing have anything to do with the changing administrations? Is that why the anonymous leakers continue to describe Ms. McCarthy as a 'Bush holdover'? And why is that fact important to this story?


Darth Rob said...

I think this is stupid, leave the lady alone, so what, Bush gave her a job. The real concern here is that someone sent her a dead fish, using the Bio Weapons Lab address. Didnt the mafia send people dead fishes as a way of saying youll soon be sleeping with them? People are obviously looking in the wrong direction for someone to blame. If you have an unopened package in your car dont park near any ventilation shafts, youll get crucified.

A.C. McCloud said...

Agree. It's simply mind-boggling that the story isn't the woman getting the dead fish and powder. Rahm Emanuel apparently has sent people dead fishes before.

Instead, somebody seems intent to make the story about her actions after the fact and tying them to Bush, which is a big honking red flag since it has absolutely no relevance to the story.