Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Veto the Omnibus, Obama

If president Obama is as serious as candidate Obama about changing DC then why doesn't he veto the 400+ billion omnibus spending appropriation and its 8000+ earmarks? Axelrod said it was a previous administration's bill, true, but has he forgotten the buck stop?

Obama can do it without shutting down the government. They are already operating on a continuing resolution and could extend it a little further without a problem. His refusal to sign such a bill would send a strong message that he's serious about reigning in the debt and wasteful spending, line by line, including dreaded earmarks.

After all, Obama made a point last night to mention that Stim-I has no earmarks, as if some grand accomplishment, but had there been earmarks the public (and pundits) would have clearly seen where the money was supposed to go. As written the detractors will have to meticulously follow the money, saving their political hay when the likely destinations--union cronies and groups like ACORN--come to fruition.

But we've been reassured that Joe Biden's Recovery.Gov will bring in all the sunshine we need as to the paths of this sludge. By the way, word is they are thinking of renaming the site to "YouDon'tMessWithJoe.Gov". That number should be easier for him to remember.

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