Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The 100 Day Show

The reality is setting in. Conservatives need to come to grips with it--we were given, as Bush once called it, a thumpin'. The country turned to Avis, who tried harder.

A large part of that thumpin' involved Iraq--in some ways Saddam's violent dead-enders, some of whom are still pulling strings in the insurgency, made it possible for the Dems to turn a terror-warrior president who eliminated one of the worst regimes in history into a lying, torturing, war criminal. It really was an amazing feat, and surely the Butcher is currently smiling in hell.

Of course they couldn't have done it without their friends at the Washington Post who helped turn the tide. Today the WaPo has a 326 photo slide show featuring our smiling new POTUS, completing ignoring the Chavez bro handshake, or the bow to Abdullah, or the tea party protesters, or the constant teleprompter.

But like Specter it's no surprise. The Democrats are more the party of popularity, pomp, royalty, celebrity, and symbolism than ever before and with Obama the whole thing is on steroids. The country has figuratively gone to Vegas with 100 bucks hoping to come home with 100 thousand. Obama is the travel agent and the press are providing the narrative and brochures.

I have no problem with honoring the President. My 100 day grade is somewhere around a C- as opposed to the proverbial F, mainly because he inherited problems. Of which he's reminded us constantly. No, my problem is that his entire popularity was forged on a canard and most of his policies seem to be built around canards as well. Granted the perspective can sometimes be foggy from an ideological foxhole but when considering the subterfuge we've seen on a near-daily basis--when the promise was for sunshine--he's very lucky to be operating without a functioning press corp.

SNOOZE 4/29/09

Since Obama's answers tend to sound like a documentary about sub-prime derivatives using differential equations I have no words for the hour waste of time known as a press conference, only graphics:

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Darth Rob said...

It's like he's the pope and because we think differently we are heathens and sinners.