Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lefty Tea Party Love and Right Wing Hate

What's more Constitutional than peaceable assembly? The tea parties might reflect a little sour grapes from the right but there's an important principle other than protesting an outrageous expansion of the government through mortgaging our childrens' future via Beijing--the right to protest government policies.

After eight years of telling everyone (or often screaming) about how Bush 'trashed' the Constitution and said it was just a 'GD piece of paper' one might think the left would be hailing the peaceful patriotic dissent scheduled to take place tomorrow and throughout the summer. It's Constitutional, baby!

If so, they have a funny way of showing it. And here's your Casablanca reference.

Meanwhile their Obama-voting friends in the mainstream media who've said almost nothing about the tea party movement to date are suddenly in possession of a flaming hot DHS report about the increasing threat from crazy right wing terrori, er, man-causers. So far we don't know if the government has started a Domestic Contingency Operation but some of this stuff has produced much right wing conniption, such as suggesting that espousing federalism is enough to get somebody on the watch list.

And right on schedule we have LGF to throw cold water on all the outrage:
That’s ludicrous. First, this DHS assessment was begun more than a year ago, before Barack Obama was even nominated. It has absolutely nothing to do with “tea parties,” and it was not done at the behest of the Obama administration.
This isn't about Bush. But Charles didn't mention who else was making hay with this story, and just in time for April 15!
If you think the conservative "Tea Party" movement is daunting then take a look at a new report issued by the Department of Homeland Security that says right-wing extremism is on the rise throughout the country.
Logic says both Charles and AJ are just trying to prevent Obama Derangement Syndrome from ruining the conservative movement, which stands to be harmed much more in their dissent than was the looney Bushilter left due to an unbalanced media.

However, both should know there's a game to this. From initial reports it doesn't appear that Obama demanded Napolitano release the DHS report to coincide with tomorrow's tea parties. So, even though Axelrod and Emanuel have already admitted a strategy of trying to paint the right as a bunch of Rush Limbaughs; and even though the boss himself has been running around the world apologizing for Bush, there's absolutely nothing to worry about here, right? This is how Reuters is playing the headline in their coverage:
Recession fueling right-wing extremism, U.S. says
The story can now be about crazy right wing extremists instead of patriotic dissenters. That's how they roll.

If it comes out that nobody from DHS or another government agency tipped the media to the existence of this report I can live with it, but pardon me if I question the timing.


Scanning around last night produced a surprising lack of MSM coverage of the DHS right wing terrorist report aside from lefty blogs and Reuters. Today is a new day, though!

Here's the picture used by CNN.com on their report:

And here's MSNBC:

Surely just a coincidence...


Debbie said...

I expected to see Klan type coverage from the MSM. I've been watching Fox coverage off and on today. The people they interviewed were mixed -- some sounded intelligent and informed, others just said "we hate everybody in Washington" which didn't really do much for the movement.

I notice the Left is saying no Republican politicians are showing up because they don't want to be associated with the "radicals". But the truth is, the TEA party planners asked the politicians to stay away, this is a grassroots movement and they are angry at the politicians and don't want them there.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

The left's fear is obvious. The claim Fox has sponsored the event while MSNBC's coverage is cartoonish and seemingly written by 12 year olds.

Obama is claiming ignorance, that crafty sonofagun.

We'll have to see if this goes anywhere after the MSM gets through destroying it.

Anonymous said...

For years, the federal government has subjected states to the same social enslavement foisted upon slow thinking, entitlement oriented citizens. For far too many years, state governors and legislators would agree to anything in return for federal money. Whether highway construction funds, supplemental law enforcement funds, or education funds . . . the cost has always been a pronounced reduction of state sovereignty.

Our people, who are for the most part a product of public education, do not appear to understand that they are foremost citizens of states. States guarantee protection from oppressive federal government through incorporation of the Bill of Rights. Right now, the federal government is out of control; both political parties are responsible for this and the GOP has no credibility with me because it broke its contract with America.

So it is inspiring to hear Gov. Perry and Gov. Sanford publicly asserting the Tenth Amendment. It was heartening today to listen to the people of my small town putting Gov. Crist on notice that we do not want any part of the stimulus package. It was good to hear people yelling, “Repeal the Stimulus and Omnibus Spending Bills!”

And now realize that while Fox News is covering the Tea Parties all across America, CNN is ignoring it, and MSNBC is attempting to make a connection between the Tea Party events and “right wing terrorists.” This should be a revelation, folks. The Fourth Estate is pursuing its own anti-American, pro-socialist agenda; they could care less about how mainstream Americans feel about too much government. What we should be doing, in my opinion, is writing stern letters to the sponsors of these media outlets and serving notice upon them that we refuse to purchase their products for as long as the media continues to shape the news to fit their own anti-American views.

A.C. McCloud said...

And now realize that while Fox News is covering the Tea Parties all across America, CNN is ignoring it, and MSNBC is attempting to make a connection between the Tea Party events and “right wing terrorists.” Other than their anchor who asked a man at a tea party why he was there then cut him off mid-sentence to argue with him, using the 50 billion of 'stimulus' money to make her clueless point.
You really have to see it to believe it...

fair and balanced