Thursday, April 09, 2009

Enemy Within?

Cap'n Ed defends Obama's refusal to comment on the pirate situation:
I don’t blame the media for asking the question, but I don’t blame Obama in this incident for not responding, either. He’s right to wait until the situation is resolved to publicly comment on it.
There's a difference between giving up information and making a garden variety statement of support for the family or resolve that we're going to get through the situation.

Here's a guess...Obama's crack team of advisers, still smarting from the Saudi bow fiasco, have directed him to punt until further notice, settling on "the president is following this closely" statements as needed.

But heck, a lot of people are following this closely waiting for a comment from their president, wanting him (and America) to succeed on this. It is too much to expect a short statement, even if he doesn't say much? My guess is that Ed is making a feeble attempt here to gain fairness brownie points from the nutroots, which while noble, will get him nowhere. They do not care what he thinks or says unless it's negative.

Speaking of the Obama bow fiasco, Charles Johnson at LGF appears to be getting just a tad too much enjoyment out of ticking off his own followers of late. It was pretty clear Obama was bowing to the man and not doing what the White House staffer claimed--to most rational people. Which Johnson is. So what's up?

A surface impression might be that he's trolling for hits but really, was he ever really a party man anyway? Maybe he's just protecting his independence by trying to disassociate with those he thinks to be neanderthals. Whatever the case he's still one of the best known righty bloggers so the nutroots will just use it against conservatives, including him (whether he considers himself one or not). Oh well, I'm certainly not going to lose any sleep over it but I do hate to see the fracture. We've come a long way since the Rather TANG documents.

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Darth Rob said...

Obama definitely needs to say something, condemn piracy, or something. I personally would warn them that any further attacks would result in steel being put to target on every ship in their ports.