Monday, April 06, 2009

Final Two and More

Gonna take a quick time out from news and politics and ramble on about sports a bit.

Tonight is the NCAA men's final. My heart's with Carolina, being an ACC fan from way back. So far they haven't worked up a sweat with any team and Michigan State shouldn't give them a scare either, but home court and some lucky breaks could make things interesting. I'm going with the heels and their superior depth to win by only 7 in a thriller. Which means I finally support Obama on something. Crud, I said no politics! Sorry.

Speaking of home field advantage, the baseball season is in the process of restarting today with George W. Bush making a splash in Arlington by throwing out the first pitch. Isn't it amazing to see him stroll out there and whip one down the middle with ease? Quite a contrast to this poor guy!

Worst First Pitch In Baseball History - Watch more Funny Videos

The Reds never had any great pitchers anyway. But back to b-ball. The search for a replacement for John Calimari (we call him that since he left) has ended--it's this whiz kid. We'll have to see if the backers and season ticket holders politely applaud or resort to pitchforks.

Finally, Phil Mickelson is apparently planning to play at the Fed Ex Stanford St. Jude's Classic golf tourney this June. We'll see, but if so, awesome. He might be a prima donna showoff at times but he's shown a propensity for doing some good things, such as playing the struggling New Orleans tourney after Katrina hit--something that not even Tiger would do (for those who don't know, it's not one of the premier stops on the tour, like Memphis). The tourney needs Phil and a few others to step up after what's happened and make sure St. Judes doesn't lose donations. Like Tiger for instance, who's never played here despite the demographics, er, lovely weather.

MORE 4/6/09

Wow, what a frantic pace. The Carolina team is simple overwhelming this State crew.

But what's up with the commercials? Government Motors, nearing bankruptcy and surviving on transfusions from our wallets, is all over the place. We are paying for these commercials for a company that is advertising warranties paid for with our money, and whose new CEO is nothing but the titular head of a puppet regime put in place by the president. Who picked North Carolina to win. Yeah, there I go again.


LASunsett said...

Didn't have a dog in the fight. UNC was just too strong down the stretch. If there is such a thing, they were the team of destiny this year. It was theirs to lose.

Take nothing away from MSU, they were good. They beat two #1 seeds to get to the final. UNC just matched up against the Spartans very well.

But more than anything else, I don't think anyone had a chance to beat them. UConn, Louisville, no team would have stopped them.

A.C. McCloud said...

Lawson was the MVP thru the tourney, without question. I'm glad to see some of those seniors rewarded for staying in the program.