Friday, April 24, 2009

Oh, Marsha

Say it ain't so..

Rarely does one get their rear handed to them in such deliberate fashion, made even worse by the person doing the handing. Doesn't she have any staff doing research? Geez.

Just add it to Hannity's waterboard challenge with Charles Grodin the other night, complete with a chickenhawk meltdown moment at the end, which is producing widespread tingles today in nutrootvillia.

Heck, combine it with a general feckless inability to expose the transparent faux outrage over the notion of "torturing" terrorists when Bushco thought we were threatened with a WMD attack--a program that ended before the Dems retook Congress--and it hasn't been a very good week to be on the right. We need better spokespersons.

UPDATE 4/27/09

Steve Milloy, the Junk Science boy (sorry) disagrees with the notion that Gore has poured all his money back into his science non-profit:
That is a flat-out lie, according to this March 6, 2008 Bloomberg report that indicates that Al Gore invested $35 million of his own money in various for-profit endeavors.

Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore left the White House seven years ago with less than $2 million in assets, including a Virginia home and the family farm in Tennessee. Now he’s making enough to put $35 million in hedge funds and other private partnerships.

Gore invested the money with Capricorn Investment Group LLC, a Palo Alto, California, firm that selects the private funds for clients and invests in makers of environmentally friendly products, according to a Feb. 1 securities filing. Capricorn was founded by billionaire Jeffrey Skoll, former president of EBay Inc. and an executive producer of Gore’s Oscar-winning documentary film on global warming.

Kudos to Rep. Blackburn for asking one of the “10 Questions for Al Gore” and exposing Gore as the fundamentally dishonest operator that he is.
While this sounds good it's still not definitive proof, which would come in the form of tax returns, so I'll stop short of apologizing or calling Gore a lying charlatan just yet. Even if true it's certainly something Ms Blackburn's staff could have researched and had in the can for a rebuttal. As is stands 95 percent of the public will never see the reversal and she still looks like a mean-spirited moron, which is what Gore and all the rest of his ilk want.

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