Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Protesting Something

There are protesters at the G20 summit in England and protesters in America. Here's some Reuters coverage of the English mob:
The protests, which brought together anti-capitalists, environmentalists, anti-war campaigners and others, were meant to mark what demonstrators called "Financial Fools' Day" -- a reference to April fool's day which falls on April 1.
Is it worth mentioning that some of these protesters self-identify as anarchists yet seem to be protesting capitalism, which in pure form is as close to survival of the fittest of any system? For an anarchist to protest capitalism side by side with socialist-communists seems an oxymoron. Perhaps the latter half of that word is appropriate here.

Meanwhile the tea is flowing back in America as mild mannered conservatives hit the streets to protest the coming socialism. Here's some Reuters coverage:

To see the difference, here's a search for G20 protesters:

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