Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fair Game?

A day after Obama accused president Bush of sanctioning torture ABC News has outed two CIA contractors who helped in the waterboarding process. Obama is looking ahead alright--apparently to the prosecutions.

Wonder how they're feeling over at Langley about now? After all, these were contractors not analysts and Obama has winked and promised not to prosecute anyone. There may be a few who still want revenge on Rove and Cheney for Plame, for all anyone knows. But the bottom line is this kind of thing creates a massive cover-yer-arse culture that cannot be productive when dealing with detainees.

People like to say anyone cutting slack to Bush on this is "pro-torture". Sorry, but not everyone has a warm fuzzy about dunking people, even AQ scuzballs like KSM. It's certainly NOT what America stands for in general. Nor was suspending habeas or rounding up Japanese-Americans. It comes down to a Commander-in-Chief assessing a sufficient threat to act outside the box to save the peace. If Bush lent any credence to information such as this then he acted to connect the dots. The check and balance was Pelosi, who could have impeached but decided to pass for political reasons. Now it's time to move on and focus on today's emerging KSMs--there has to be more than one.

MORE 5/1/09

AG Holder is heralding this as an example of how the law enforcement approach to terrorism can work but seems to me al-Marri is getting off pretty easy compared to fellow jihadist Zacarias Moussaoui.

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