Saturday, April 18, 2009

Recovery Dot Org

Anyone who's ventured into the labyrinth known as in an attempt to keep up with stimulus funds will hardly be surprised to discover that the private sector has already come up with a more user-friendly version...
"We put up to do for the federal government what it is not doing for itself," Onvia Chief Solutions Officer Michael Balsam said. "We felt that we had an obligation to make this information available to businesses, taxpayers and the government."
How long before the Feds either take credit for their innovation or shut it down?


Darth Rob said...

They'll just accuse the creators of being Republican extremist and make of fun of it until no one wants to go there.

A.C. McCloud said...

I hope not. I've tried to scan to find out what's happening here in left Tennessee and it takes a bunch of clicks and some intuition to find much. This was a snap.

This will hopefully make it easier for the conservative media to keep up with what's already largely been forgotten by the mainstream press.