Sunday, April 12, 2009

United States 1, Pirates 0

Such wonderful news for the Phillips family and for America. Details not complete but no matter what comes out, the man is a hero in the tradition of some of the greatest ship captains.

My earlier comments about Obama's handling of the situation now suggest a tasty serving of crow. Gulp. But I would like to remind folks of my closing line in the pirate post:
But I guess they've got to try it and see for themselves. Who knows, maybe Obama can pull it off.
Good on the Commander-In-Chief. And good on the American military. The piracy problem hasn't suddenly been solved though, and they still hold hundreds of hostages, so we'll have to see how this affects the problem at large. But as to US flagged ships, the pirates will definitely be thinking twice before taking aim again, which is what most of us wild-eyed wing nuts wanted all along.


Debbie said...

Obama gets kudos for allowing the Navy Seals to shoot those Somali pirats, but I take those kudos away when I heard the remaining pirate is being taken to New York to be tried as a criminal.

The Navy should have blown the Somali mother ship out of the water on their way home.

Happy Easter!!!

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

Word is this kid is 16 years old, which if true really sets up a dilemma.

Now, I was wrong about Obama. He stayed out of the way and allowed the Seals/Navy to execute their training. I'm wondering when our liberal friends will begin castigating Obama for allowing the pirates to be shot before they fired while the other was involved in diplomacy. That's what they'd say if Bush was still in charge.

And if the region flares up and more hostages are killed will it be because Obama was firm in his resolve or was a 'cowboy'?