Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009

As Easter dawns across America the conservative movement, and religion in general, appears to be in disarray. Former conservative web stalwarts like LGF are now openly mocking believers, helping liberals make fun of people like Sarah Palin for sticking to her beliefs amidst family struggles. It's as if a purge is occurring.

But it's more than politics. Popular pollsters and news weeklies are telling us the number of people who say they believe in God is dwindling. Here's an expose questioning the Resurrection, the central article of faith in Christianity, and here's one saying Rick Warren is supposedly flip-flopping on gay marriage. Should people of faith be surprised? Afraid?

Hardly. This trend was prophesied in the Bible. Surely an extra-universal intelligent creator who spawned space-time is capable of anything, at the pace of His choosing. So, for those who believe there's more to life than mere chance and happenstance, hope still exists.

Happy Easter, all.


LASunsett said...

Happy Easter to AC & family, plus all of his readers.

Anonymous said...

The link to "prophesies" is very thought provoking; thank you sir. And my best wishes for a Happy Easter to you and yours.

Darth Rob said...

Happy Easter, friend.