Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Has America Gone Back to Sleep?

Hot Air links to a Gerald Posner column about the victorious Taliban, making progress in moving slowly towards Islamabad as we here in America squabble over torture and such.

Posner is actually quite seminal right now, having written a book on the interrogation of Abu Zubaydah, which was covered on this blog here. I'm still under the impression that the CIA tapes were not only destroyed to protect the identity and tactics of the CIA officers involved, but perhaps to protect any sensitive information about other countries possibly involved in terrorism that might have burbled out.

So the question on Pakistan appears two-fold. Owing to Bush's failure to work effectively with Musharraf in controlling the terrortories the bad guys sent a message by murdering Bhutto and are spreading their influence towards the capital. Obama has said that if HVTs are located in Pakistan and their government won't act, he will. Question is, what if that government becomes the Taliban?

Lastly, what happens if he acts and we catch a HVT such as Mehsud or Omar? What would Obama do considering Mehsud has already threatened Washington, DC? It's certainly not above his pay grade and well worth asking.

MORE 4/23/09

All this twaddling about torture and blame and commissions and Nazi comparisons and crossing red lines might be fascinating to political junkies but seems to me we've pretty much put ourselves into an untenable position should another large attack happen here. Where would we put captured detainees? How could we get anything out of them? Who would be to blame? Where could we strike back?


Debbie said...

All good questions, no way to answer them. Obama is wishy-washy on many things, allowing the Far left to influence him way too much.

The interrogation tapes were destroyed, and written "summaries" (not transcripts) were kept. The summaries could be released, maybe, depending on how comprehensive they are.

As for Pakistan, the Taliban and sharia are spreading and things could get really bad there. Obama has continued the missile strikes that Bush OK'd, that's one good sign.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Darth Rob said...

The enemy is in Pakistan, I think thats why Obama is building up forces in Afghanistan.