Thursday, April 02, 2009

Powell on Maddow

Rachel Maddow scored an interview with former Republican Colin Powell the other day, to which he defended his role in the so-called torture of the head-chopping terrorists who planned 9/11.

It was worth watching just to see Powell's face when noted lesbian Maddow asked him about his former advocacy of 'don't ask, don't tell' and as always, the look on her face as her questions were answered. Don't get me wrong, she's precious in that mode.

But the point of the interview was presumably to get a 'friendly' who was 'there' when the 'torture' was planned in the White House to inadvertently spill some heretofore unknown criminal scuttlebutt about Darth and W to set up the hoped-for inquisition. Powell finally stopped her incessant questioning about torture being planned in White House principals meetings, characterizing them as discussions about how to get information from terrorists we had in our custody. Which is all this ever was from day one anyway.

Powell might play the DC social-climber game but he's not stupid enough to let some two-bit Air America host trip him up. He carefully stated that she'd have to wait for the written record to come out because he wasn't in attendance at all the meetings (classic Powell). Those records are presumably ensconced at the National Archives. Perhaps Maddow can hire Sandy Berger to make a fact-finding trip over there and check some of them out. Short of that only Obama can authorize their release as per one of his first Executive Orders, and he keeps wanting to move forward, or at least sideways.

A side note, the interview was repeated tonight with guest-host Andrea Mitchell at the helm, wife of Alan Greenspan and reportedly good friends of the Powells.

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