Monday, April 20, 2009

Cheney on Hannity

Regards Cheney's appearance on the Hannity! Show Monday night (defending himself and the administration against the recently declassified 'torture memos Obama just released after a tortured four weeks of deep thought)--Cheney made a few interesting remarks:

Filter through his diplomatic admissions (the USA shouldn't come across as arrogant; their administration blamed problems on Clinton's; he holds no grudge against Biden) and we find him dropping another little hint. He likes to do that--recall his appearance on Fox News Sunday awhile back:

Who wants to bet some of the memos he says prove the interrogation worked might also contain a few addressees with the very familiar names, ones who've recently been in the media flapping their political gums? Just a hunch. Bush's 'bad cop' can throw high and tight when necessary.

But indeed, they all play hard ball up there, witness the Jane Harmon brouhaha, which ironically might tie into all this since Ms. Harmon was one of the first Democrats to be briefed on the anti-terror tactics after 9/11. But c'mon, the Power Rangers involved?

Obama is quite content to try this case in the court of public opinion using his transparent two-faced approach of look back, look ahead with a generally friendly media. Cheney has decided to join him there, and although not packing the dramatic air of cool hipness of his rival, Cheney's got substance on his side. We'll know who won in about two months depending on whether anyone aside from the far left is still talking about this.

Thing is, we all lose so long as this bitter division gets wider. This stuff isn't occurring in a vacuum, as Cheney's aide Addington once alluded in testimony to Congress--AQ might watch CSPAN, too.

MORE 4/21/09

Well, Obama calls Cheney's bluff. Amazing how that worked. Question is, will the GOP now pull Darth back or can they withstand a 'truth commission' politicizing this issue right through Decision 2010? I suspect there's a lot of high level ruminating under way--on both sides.

For instance, what if the Dems are skipping merrily and somebody reveals an inconvenient truth about Iraq, when the boss is on record that Iraq was the worst foreign policy mistake ever? Or what if another massive attack occurs in the midst of grilling the Bush crew over using caterpillars to pry intel out of terrorists in an effort to stop further attacks? Try explaining judicial processes to victims.

Nancy Pelosi punted impeachment in 2007 and 2008 despite Kucinich's articles. That was the correct Constitutional process, because the POTUS is the decider. Everything since has been rank politics, showing once again that the Democrats have no ceiling for exploiting and politicizing a war. Shamelss, actually.

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