Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another Clinton to be heard from

Another sexual moment for Olbermann and Matthews with tingles all around. Sorry for that imagery. But McCain's gotta be thinking, "all these years I crafted myself as a maverick and this is what I get?"

A few observations on the cheap...

Pretty good speech as speeches go and he did his best to build up Obama. I've seen better, though.

He said cronyism was responsible for Katrina? Hopefully Nagin's checking the diesel in those buses right now.

Bill reminded us they said he was too inexperienced as well in 1992, leaving the impression that sweetness and light soon followed, which ignores what happened in 1994, and why. Besides, Slick had executive experience as a governor for many years, which is not the same as Obama's bored stint in the Illinois State Senate. But if, as Michael Dukakis strongly stated afterwards, that Obama was great in that role then why did Hillary order the 3 AM commercial? Bill didn't answer that question, either.

The laugher was his definition of when America went down the crapper--2001--when Bush took the White House and the GOP still had Congress (before Jeffords went Indy in May). How many thought he was about to say "then 9/11 happened" but instead, he never mentioned it at all, as if it was just an inconsequential blip.

Vintage closing--Obama will bring back unity and "hope", ahem, reminding everyone who invented hope first (Huckabee will soon appear on cue) but all McCain has to do is keep running those commercials where Hillary and Biden are endorsing him and bashing Obama's experience and force the Dems to confirm what we all know, that words mean nothing.

MORE 8/27/08

Here's some vintage Bill Clinton (well, from several months ago) talking about McCain. Here's another. Clinton was trumping McCain when nobody else was, which raised an eyebrow here at the time (wondering what he was up to). Expect these to surface if they haven't already.

As to Clinton saying that Obama has about as much experience as he did in 1992, well, here's an Obama video that shows otherwise...

And there's this..

So, just where is the 'fairy tale'?

MORE 8/27/08

Matthews and Olbermann are wondering why the Dems didn't go after Cheney harder. Perhaps this explains it..

"This wasn't just some Cheney pipe dream.."

MORE 8/28/08

Another view of the campaign floor:
8:04 - The convention floor erupts as the big TV screen shows . . . OMIGOD . . . JOE BIDEN! He's HERE! The transformation of Joe Biden is one of the best story lines at this convention. A week ago, people would sprint from the room when Joe entered for fear he would start a sentence that might not end until Halloween. Now, suddenly, he is a towering stud muffin of charisma
Gotta love Dave, whatever his politics might be. And with the hurricane season cranking up his preparedness rules are also worth repeating.

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