Friday, August 01, 2008

About that WND WMD story

Ryan Mauro has a piece at World Net Daily claiming that yet another lone wolf American working in Iraq has found clues leading to our modern day equivalent of the Holy Grail--Saddam's WMDs:
Don Bordenkircher – who served two years as national director of prison and jail operations in Iraq– told WND that about 40 prisoners he spoke with "boasted of being involved in the transport of WMD warheads to Syria."
Although guaranteed to arouse choking laughter and sprays of Diet Cola on lefty computer screens all over the world, this shouldn't be surprising to those scoring at home:
Retired Lieutenant General James Clapper said senior Iraqi leaders made an intensive effort to bury, hide and disperse equipment, documents and other material related to their weapons of mass destruction programs in the months before the war, moving some of it out of the country.
We've also heard WMD tales from Dave Gaubatz and Georges Sada but neither said they were moved by truck to Syria (Gaubatz claims they are still in Iraq). Frankly it's hard to tell whether either are telling the truth or grandstanding for cash. It's just as plausible to assume the prisoners knew about Clapper's truck story and were BS'ing their captors to leverage an early release. But if you prefer this line of thought (and most lefties will) keep in mind it suggests that Saddam might have done likewise in captivity when he said Iraq had no WMDs.

Of course there was that strange little story a few months ago from the Jerusalem Post about the WMDs being moved, which was supposedly to be revealed in some kind of joint Israeli-US report nobody has yet seen. Could this be some kind of mysterious card the Republicans are holding back for the election, stored in the same vault with the Michelle Obama "Whitey tape"? Or maybe Rove has it stored next to the hurricane machine.

But seriously, after all we've seen on this issue it's hard to argue with this guy over at Slant Right:
It is a mystery that I hope I live long enough for history to report all the cloak and dagger background concerning Saddam Hussein, America and WMD.
He makes some good observations about possible reasons the truth has yet to emerge, if there's a truth to yet emerge. If it does, and it's one that would cement Bush's legacy and bring McCain the White House--it's gotta be rock solid spin-proof.

And just try to imagine a spin-proof revelation about Iraq's WMDs in today's climate. Such a discovery might even get reported as a racial slam against Obama because he was opposed to the war. Then again, depending on timing it could also bring Hillary back into play (if she can recover from her exhausting efforts to get Obama elected).


Mark E. said...

Great post on a very big story

A.C. McCloud said...

Thanks Mark. I have a few contacts in Iraq and none have heard anything specific about this, although they don't doubt its veracity. We'll see how far it goes. My guess is nowhere.

Debbie said...

We couldn't not go into Syria after WMD even if we knew they were there, they Left would never allow that to happen. Also you make a great point about Bush going into Iraq, if the WMD were removed before we went in.

I too would love to know the full story, but it may never happen.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth