Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hillary Time

Hillary started off by showing obligatory support for Obama. Then she did what strong candidates do--she bashed the current occupant of the White House while cementing the Clinton legacy.

stream of consciousness..

Hillary talking about making government an institution for public good. That's a good one.

A nation of immigrants and laws. Is she saying Dems should go after illegals?

She asks, 'were you in it for..'. But she didn't answer that question herself.

Good times are impossible without a Democrat in the White House.

Can't stop the problem of global warming without going commie on the oil cos.

Workers, workers, workers, workers world.

'We did it before'. Well yeah, if you don't count that Contract with America stuff and all the ignored terrorism. Sure.

Health Care...translation, 'enact my plan, Uhbama".

End the war in Iraq 'responsibly'. Exactly what the hell does that mean?

Greasy Joe.. he's tough. McCain? He's a friend and colleague but he's no longer a maverick with that Bush suit. He hates health care, children and he's a chauvinist pig. But otherwise, a patriot.

OK, the Twin Cities joke was pretty good. Revenge for Janet Reno? Nah, not enough.


She's come a long way. Politically, she's a quick learner and exudes confidence and leadership, even when revising or sugar coating history.

Olbermann says it was a home run way out of the park, but he would. Perhaps he had a sexual experience along the way? Fox was less impressed, as might be expected, saying she didn't go far enough in supporting the One. Me, I'd call it a solo homer in the bottom of the ninth of a game she was trailing 8-6, just clearing the left field wall, only because she's lived to fight another day.

Camp McCain? They are reminding everyone that she once said Barack wasn't ready to lead, and wasn't convincing in overriding that premise. For the record, the McCain commercials showing her and Biden praising McCain when they were facing off with Obama are devastating.

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