Friday, August 29, 2008

Suddenly Sarah

I'll without withhold some judgment until after seeing her at the convention but there are a few observations to be made without looking overly silly right now. [moderately silly is always a given-ed]

1. Her resume is weak. It's hard to make the case experience matters after picking her, although admittedly on opening day Obama will be holding the football should his team win, while if McCain wins, she won't.

2. The focus is already off Obama's concert last night. Check your favorite web site, message board, etc--it's wall to wall Palin. By design, and a rather good one.

3. She'll trigger some of the finest pretzel logic ever seen from the left in their attempts to deride her.

4. The email scandal they're already getting lathered up about pales in comparison to Obama's ties with an unrepentant domestic terrorist who bombed the Pentagon along with his campaign's attempt to stifle investigation about his past associations, including muzzling those who speak about it.

5. Palin may not woo as many Hil-gals as predicted once they understand her politics. But they'll play hell putting her down without looking hypocritical.

6. She has some serious challenges and distractions with a son going to Iraq and another child with special needs. It'll be a tough juggling act. Some will accuse her of being selfish, although such charges run the risk of pointing out conservative arguments about the family, motherhood, gay marriage, etc.

If Obama decides to change horses in mid stream (to Hillary) that will only make him seem petty and panderous. And Bill still comes with that package. It almost seems we're at a stalemate. Maybe they'll have to argue about their positions now.

MORE 8/29/08

How about a strategic view of the Palin pick? If team McCain wins she'll be perfectly set up to run in 2012 (assuming McCain's a one-termer). By then all doubts about experience will be erased and her main opponent could be another woman, Hillary, who won't have any real presidential experience. Obama might be in there too unless he gets the Kerry tag, and we're seeing Biden's last stand now.

If team McCain loses she'll return to Alaska and continue being a successful governor, collecting 4 more years of executive experience.

Let's face it, the only issue with Palin is McCain's health.

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