Saturday, August 30, 2008

Larry King's Misty 9/11 Memories

Think Progress is making note of a strange exchange on the Larry King Live show where guest (and conservative) Larry Elder along with Ben Stein argued with King over the buildup to 9/11:
KING: You know something? You’re better than me. You know when it was planned. All the guys who planned it are dead. They’re dead on a plane, you know when. You interviewed them during the flight.
Here it is:

King has had an outstanding and distinguished career but c'mon--everyone knows 9/11 was planned on Clinton's watch. Certainly any major journalist should know this before going on the air.

That doesn't mean Clinton was to blame anymore than Bush, but King's guests weren't trying to suggest he was solely responsible, only that he shares some culpability for treating terrorism as a law enforcement matter throughout the 90s. According to the 9/11 Commission Report and several major terrorism experts that emboldened AQ and led to larger and larger attacks, culminating in 9/11. Perhaps King should brush up on his history a bit.

Interestingly, Elder was making a point made here a few days ago--the Dems had plenty of chances to call Bush or Cheney liars on the pre-war intelligence but instead took the high road. Maybe it had something to do with Biden? Whatever the case, it's certainly more evidence the n'roots don't hold anywhere near the power they imagine.

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