Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Very soft eyes

McCain is touting his new online ad for the "Obama Fan Club", which shows folks in various stages of an Obamacrush. The title of this post was taken from the last utterance in the video, which can be viewed here.

No doubt McCain is trying to reach the net-savvy age bracket by appealing to the celebrity crowd but if Obama is a dreamy star that still leaves Mac filling the Bob Dole role. He needs to focus on finding ways of moving his own brand from "old war hawk" to "new improved peace hawk unless we have to kick Putin's KGB arse".

The GOP will have plenty of fodder coming up. The Dems are announcing their convention rotation for ole softy's coronation:
On Aug. 27, the theme is "Securing America's Future" with an acceptance speech by Obama's still-unannounced vice presidential candidate.
That should be interesting, since to date Obama has hinted he'll secure America's future by saying 'no we can't' to exploration for domestic oil, nuclear power, and victory in the very spot where most of the readily available oil resides. The only thing he's saying 'yes we can' to are new taxes and altering global climate through government hubris, which involves smoke, mirrors and more new taxes. But he says it so well.

That sets up the logical question--who will deliver the "spit ball speech" at this years RNC Convention?

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Mick Wright said...

I nominate Fred Thompson; he could make one hell of a spit ball speech.