Friday, August 22, 2008

To Veep or not to Veep

Who's it gonna be?

Political oddsmakers are ruling out Hillary, which sorta makes sense--why would they give her a floor vote otherwise? Of course, naming her VP would eliminate the floor vote, wouldn't it? Neither Nader nor Rove are lightweights in the prediction department and have both picked her, so we'll see. Politico describes her as being dissed by Uh-bama's vetting department, so maybe we'll see more of those famous tears. Or maybe this is just more BS diversion, like somebody floating Kerry's name last week. Where is the leftist outrage over all these secretive secrets!?

Drudge is saying Bayh, presumably not Birch, while earlier people were floating the name of Chet Edwards of Texas whom I know very little about. Google and You Tube know plenty, though, and a quick search indicates he was against the surge and once advocated we build schools rather than more jails.

Stock liberal rhetoric perhaps but anytime they mention schools the name of Ayers floats to mind for some reason. A more inquiring mind might take note that the video was sponsored by an outfit called the "first five years fund" who advocates early childhood education and which is run by ex journalist Cornelia Grumman, a Harvard grad and Chicago inhabitant, and soon-to-be writer for HuffPo's new Chicago edition. Education always sounds fine--it's the curriculum ya gotta watch.

But if it's Bayh, which has always made sense due to the Midwestern values he brings to the table, then announcing Friday evening (or Saturday morning) would suggest they are low-keying his running mate. If Google memory serves, Bayh advocated taking out Saddam when Saddam was still our enemy, including this morsel:
It is an honor and privilege for me to join today with my distinguished colleagues, Senator Warner, Senator McCain, and my good friend, Senator Lieberman, in support of this resolution granting the President of the United States the authority to defend our country.
That opens an interesting dichotomy with the One's superior position of judgment on the matter but it does kinda support the low-key thing.

Whatever, it's a sure thing that with the upcoming concert, er, convention and VP announcement the fledgling Ayers Annenberg story will be knocked off the mainstream press's story planning boards once and for all, only to return in September as the racist smearmongering du jour.


Debbie said...

I'm not sure it matters who Obama's VP is, Obama will still be president. Nuff said, however ...

If he picks the guy from Texas it would be Obama - Edwards, might be confusing for some.

Obama-Bye-den either way, not a good slogan.

Obama-Clinton has a nice ring, but that would have to come with extra body guards for Obama...

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

Obama bin Biden.. er, oops, Osama and Biden. uh..