Sunday, August 24, 2008

Changing Change

With Biden onboard it's apparently time for Frank Rich to define the new way forward for the hopeandchange express:
Is a man who is just discovering the Internet qualified to lead a restoration of America’s economic and educational infrastructures? Is the leader of a virtually all-white political party America’s best salesman and moral avatar in the age of globalization? Does a bellicose Vietnam veteran who rushed to hitch his star to the self-immolating overreaches of Ahmad Chalabi, Pervez Musharraf and Mikheil Saakashvili have the judgment to keep America safe?

R.I.P., “Change We Can Believe In.” The fierce urgency of the 21st century demands Change Before It’s Too Late.
Behold, the new problem ahead. There's no reason to fear AQ attacking our soft economic underbelly anymore, no sir, it's China we have to worry about now, made clear by their tally of Olympic medals and the vast numbers of shipboard containers heading our way. Even climate change pales in comparison (especially since China is producing the most CO2 pollution these days) to the plight of American's economic might if we continue our current failed capitalistic leadership. And we need an education system to point our youngsters in that new direction.

How to win? Rich believes it can't be done with the old experienced white guy, rather, we must elect the unqualified black guy because he understands text messages and isn't white, which is key to fooling the global masses into believing once again in the greatness of America, which is key. No surprise, it's symbolism over substance 101, right out of the Howard Dean Democrat Party playbook.

Disregard the fact George Bush appointed more minorities in his cabinet than any former president--none were liberals or internationalists, meaning they were only faux minorities. His argument almost lends credence to that Jack Wheeler opinion piece going around right now in email, although Wheeler's use of race tends to trigger the theme song from Deliverance while Rich's vision of white GOP devils tends to cue 'We Are The World'.

So how is Joe Biden part of this? In one word, Iraq. He was for it before he was against it, but it's becoming more of a moot point daily as casualties don't make the news. But do the Dems really think they get away with calling someone who voted yea on the war resolution an 'expert' who'll bolster the main candidate's resume when the main candidate himself defeated Hillary largely based on his judgment to oppose the war? Apparently they do! It's now the stupid economy, stupid, unless Russia attacks someone else, in which case it'll be George Sidney McSame's fault as explained to us by Joe Biden, foreign policy expert.

Yet as the convention approaches there's a nagging feeling the Dems could be in a much better position. They'll enter the show with an empty suit and loose cannon in the starring role when they could have had her Majesty and the first black VP, a scenario perhaps guaranteeing a 16 year domination of the Lincoln Bedroom if the donations played out right. Alas, it's too late now. We presume.

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