Friday, August 15, 2008

A strawman named Corsi

Jerome Corsi might be a tad nutty and prone to believing fantastical tales but who can argue with this statement from Joseph Farah, his boss at World Net Daily:
Isn't it interesting how Jerome Corsi has received more scrutiny from the Big Media in the last 24 hours than Barack Obama has received in his entire political career?
About right. Tom Maguire has been asking questions about Obama's early relationship with Bill Flag Stomper Ayers for months now with only an echo in return.

Obama's 40 page rebuttal of Corsi's book seems a little overboard considering how many Americans couldn't care less. It's not hard to imagine a strategy that puffs Corsi into a giant strawman the size of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man with the entire Republican Party stuck on him like glue in an effort to knock the whole thing down once and for all. The answers to any remaining legitimate questions would go down with it in the ball of fire.

We already know the MSM won't dig into the closet of any Democrat until forced at gunpoint or by the National Enquirer, so they'll be there with bells for the One. It may already be occurring with John Freaking Kerry being mentioned as a possible VP candidate the very same week Corsi's book hit the press--there's no way in hell Obama would pick that dude as a running mate, in this life or the next (although it would make for an interesting internecine battle if McCain were to pick Lieberman).

No, Kerry's most likely being trotted out to bring more light to the Swift Boat side of Corsi's resume and will be jammed back in the bottle before the election only to reappear in Barack's cabinet somewhere. If Obama loses he still gets his shot at revenge.

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