Thursday, August 07, 2008

Cohen's follies

Can the Cohen/Tinker race get any more ridiculous? Exactly zero real issues have been discussed to my recollection so far, and today is election day.

The latest twist is an altercation with the all-important Armenian contingent. This is apparently about Cohen's failure to support the House resolution to condemn Turkey for war crimes so certainly there could be a Jewish-Muslim undercurrent going on.

But why Memphis? We don't have a significant Armenian contingent here and besides, he wasn't the only one who didn't co-sponsor the resolution. It sounds like hired help.

I've tried hard to resist feeling sorry for such a died in the wool liberal like Cohen. Most everyone missed the Washington Times story awhile back about his oil investments (before Bush waved his magic wand and prices dropped). And he's been quite prominent in the get-Cheney subcommittee of Conyers' Judiciary.

But it's hard not to feel sorry for him now. The dirty tricks date back to at least the winter months when a black middle Tennessee preacher was connected with the fliers shown above.

And Tinker has shown she knows no bounds when it comes to pandering and attacks, just adding another before quickly pulling it (she pulled another previous ad that featured her saying she was going to DC to support those waiting on the porch for the welfare check). She's lost Olbermann--symbolic, since he's probably not much of an impact in this district. But this guy sure is.

Yes even Obama has joined the fun and thrown her under the bus as suggested on Kos (now down the memory hole). Talk about barnacles, the last thing he needed was overt support from her--he's got enough trouble with Hamas.

But it certainly seems somebody really wants that seat back and has employed an "enemy of my enemy" tactic to get it. Under that cloud I say good luck today, Steve. May the force be with you.

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