Thursday, August 21, 2008

End Game

The New York Times, reporting today on new scientific revelations about the anthrax:
By late 2005 to 2006 it became clear that just eight of the 1,070 samples collected included all four morphs. And one of the samples was the ancestor of the other seven. The seven samples came from Fort Detrick and one other laboratory in the United States, F.B.I. scientists said at the Monday news conference, held at F.B.I. headquarters.
The Washington Post, commenting on the latest updates on the case in September 2006:
"There is no significant signature in the powder that points to a domestic source," said one scientist who has extensively studied the tan, talc-like material that paralyzed much of Washington in the deadliest bioterrorism attack in U.S. history.
Still a little strange, but maybe they were trying to spook Ivins into reacting. Why though, if they were making such good progress in the lab in 2006, was the leader of Amerithrax, Richard Lambert, transferred? Grassley asked some questions then, too.

Anyway, the scientific revelations released today will satisfy some while offering more fodder to others. The slow trickle is cooling off some of the conspiracists and even Greenwald seems to have curtailed the chase based on his last few columns. Maybe that's because it's obvious Ivins had time to make the trip, was skilled enough to not leave traces in his car or home (or kill himself), had emotional issues and was a little weird to boot. 9/11 was a traumatic event for many, and maybe it was enough to snap him. Perhaps he wasn't trying to kill anyone, just scare the nation into a preparedness frenzy based on what he knew of the threat.

Thing is, today's information didn't shine any light on that possible motive nor did it seem to link the attack anthrax to Ivins' Fort Detrick lab. One of Senator Grassley's recent questions was whether it was possible any of the substance fell into the wrong hands--it would seem from today's story that if any RMR-1029 material ever unofficially walked out of that lab it would have displayed the same key mutations (and a former employee has admitted such a thing was possible).

But it's rather amusing that as this story begins to fade away the Times remains vigilant while showing nowhere near the same curiosity about Obams's ties with an unrepentant domestic terrorist, one who gives interviews with socialists sitting in front of Che Guevara flags. Wonder which end game Times staffers like Nic "I'll apologize to Hatfill real soon" Kristof believe in? Doubtful it's the Ross Getman Islamic terrorist version.

After all, their former run-amok expert on germs and Islamic terrorism was a friend of another world-class microbiologist who 'committed suicide', former UNSCOM inspector Dr. David Kelly. Miller was cut adrift about the same time the Times turned on Bush by giving up the terrorist surveillance program. One could assume they might have strong feelings about all this, especially after Miller's starring role in the Plame affair.

Speaking of starring roles, the Miller character will soon be appear on the silver screen portrayed by the lovely Kate Beckinsale in the film "Nothing But the Truth", which debuts in Canada in September. Most of the flick was filmed here in Memphis, and rumor has it a local blogger might even make a cameo.

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Debbie said...

No they are not interested in digging into Obama's past, too much has already come out on it's own.

Debbie Hamilton
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