Thursday, August 14, 2008

Exit Strategy, Stage Left

It's hard to find a story full of more BS that the "Hillary's name will be placed in nomination at the convention" tale being told today. They put out a joint statement that conveyed the following, minus the PR happy talk:
we're unified as long as Hillary's ego is properly stroked
Never mind that Her supporters have threatened to walk out of the convention after her speech on Tuesday night out of protest. Imagine the MSM trying to spin that, perhaps hiring John Edwards as a commentator to help explain it.

And never mind that such a stunt might give more people a reason to watch til the bitter end. If there's even the tiniest scintilla of a chance the super delegates might turn on Obama during a roll call vote it would be the definition of must-see TV. Of course, there's not one scintilla of a chance that such a thing might happen or Obama wouldn't have agreed to it.

All in all, a face-saving exit deal for Clinton guaranteed to placate her angry supporters and con them and America into watching a rigged vote so they can hammer home more propaganda along the way. But then again, I could be wrong.

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