Monday, September 22, 2008

Biden -- On the Bus or Under It?

Hot Air featured some commentary on this CBS interview of Joe Biden earlier today. I'd like to offer my own comments. Click on pic for the interview:

Allahpundit hit on the seminal moment, around the 4 minute mark when Biden said the Obama ad about McCain's internet ignorance was terrible and should not have been run (even though Couric reminded him that Barack approved it). Whoops.

But there were other highlights. During his explanation of the financial crisis he talked of leadership and mentioned that FDR "got on TV" to explain it to the American people. Kinda hard when TV didn't come around until the 50s. He was talking about the fireside chats on newsreel of course, but just imagine the reaction had McCain--or Palin--said such a thing.

Also, maybe it was the camera angle or just me, but his right hand was stretched out along the bus seatback and seemed awfully darn close to Katie's shoulder. Strangely, Couric then asked a question about whether a sexism dynamic might enter the VP debate and his reaction really must be seen to be described. So I ask, can we trust such a gaffe prone Senator from the podunk state of Delaware being only a heartbeat away from the presidency?

Meanwhile, Bill Clinton showed up on the View today and said, among other things, that his wife would have been a better choice than Biden for VP. He also praised McCain several times while saying nearly nothing about Obama except that he'd win in November. At the same time MS-DNC actually acknowledged that Biden might just have an earmark problem.

Does any of that warrant a hmmmmm?


LASunsett said...

I keep hearing about how Hillary and Bill are feverishly supporting Obama, but honestly, I keep waiting to see evidence of it. I haven't seen any real persuasive speeches on the stump.

The fact that Bill praised McCain and only said Obama would win speaks volumes between the lines. I'd love to be a mouse in the booth, when Hill and Bill cast their votes in November.

A.C. McCloud said...

You'd be the most sought-after mouse since Fivel Mouskowitz, that's for sure.

Bill also said Hillary didn't want the VP but would do her duty if called, and said if asked to never 'darken the door' of the WH again that'd be OK because he's got other interests now (that he rarely talks about when interviewed). The man's still got the slick.