Tuesday, September 02, 2008


There's not much to add about the treatment of Mrs. Palin that hasn't already been added but since this is a weblog, supposedly a vehicle for expressing personal thoughts and feelings (well, thoughts anyway) here goes nothing.

The strawman is complete. The MSM delivered a blizzard of meaningless stories over the weekend only to follow this morning by questioning whether Palin was vetted enough. In other words, they set up a phony construct then questioned why McCain didn't put much stock in their phony construct. Trick or treat is next month.

Speaking of Halloween, the ABC News report about a possible October surprise was perhaps the most poorly disguised example of revenge politics seen in years. The committee member they interviewed, Mr. French, might as well have just said he hated Palin and wants Obama to win. It would have been as effective.

Even Democratic strategist Kirsten Powers has apparently had it with the nutroots (it's now imperative to use that description from here out) for bashing a fellow woman, who is being tarred for having the unmitigated gall to run for office with a family. Powers points out that Bill Clinton, John Edwards, and Barack Obama all ran with younger kids and nobody batted an eyelash. Ouch. But she'll still vote for Obama.

Actually, this whole explosion was the gut reaction to McCain pulling the identity politics rug out from under the Democrats' feet where it's been sitting comfortably since the women's lib movement began in the 60s. We saw their arses, and it wasn't pretty. So, wonder what would have happened had McCain picked a black man for Veep, say Michael Steele of Maryland?

My jury is still out on whether Mrs. Palin has the skill-set to lead the nation should duty call some unfortunate day. But we kinda need to see her in action first, don't we?

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