Sunday, September 14, 2008

So Long Sitemeter

Just waded through the new Sitemeter. It appears to have been created by a sadist. So much so that I've pulled out the code. Statcounter will have to suffice to measure the blizzard, er flurry of hits received here daily. Feedburner also provides anonymous hit counts.

BTW, I've always shown a hit counter without making the detailed stats public. The reasoning, should you choose to accept it, is because I'm anonymous and those coming here should also have that right (if you think it's because I'm padding stats take a look at the hit counter and do some simple math. It ain't pretty). Like most of you I've had some interesting visitors from time to time, but their secret is safe with me.

1 comment:

LASunsett said...

Yeah, this was a lousy decision on the part of Sitemeter. The font is too small, it's layout is the absolute worst possible configuration, and I really cannot find anything good to say about it.

I have statcounter too, but I am thinking about finding another one that will provide me a better layout. Meanwhile, if you stumble upon any that are similar to the old Sitemeter, let me know.