Thursday, September 04, 2008

McCain Finally Gets There

Did he do it? He's not a dynamic speaker--never has been--but he certainly handled the Code Pinko nut just right--with a smile. Perhaps the campaign will send them a thank you note.

As to his laundry list, it was delivered relatively mundanely. His best moments were talking about shaking up DC, a long held conviction, and about how the world works as evidenced by "I hate war", something he holds an absolute moral authority card over (his attorney opponents have no military experience at all). The personal explanation of his Hanoi Hilton experience and how it broke him of his selfishness was necessary but it's something that can easily go overboard down the line, like Kerry's three medals.

The far right can't be very ecstatic. He bashed his own party several times and said he'd appoint Democrats in his administration. Unless he just means Lieberman (a lock) that might scare a few folks. Hillary? At least he stayed away from global warming.

But the important point amidst all the poop and pomp was the outgoing message. As Palin said, she's going to DC not for herself or to embark on some "journey", but for the people. EVERY CANDIDATE SHOULD REPEAT THIS MOTTO even if they aren't really sincere. It's the kind of America the Founders intended. Besides, if we get enough of them on tape saying it we can be use it against them later.

Speech delivery points aside, McCain seems genuine. It's always hard to tell--all we've got is a long track record to gauge things, and overall it seems to back up that opinion. He doesn't send tingles up peoples' legs but his spine seems to work pretty well. And that's probably the biggest difference between him and Obama overall, moral clarity.

Speaking of which, Obama appeared on O'Reilly tonight. Kudos to him for once again stepping into the Fox flame but kudos to OR for not putting the entire interview on one show during the final night of the convention as team Obama might have preferred.

OR will be asking him about Ayers, Annenberg and the like on Tuesday, but until then take a gander at this (embedding disabled) from 2006 if you haven't already seen it, a hearty endorsement for the only avowed socialist in Congress.


Anonymous said...

I want the people involved in Troopergate to come on Good Morning America. They ave everyone else on that show. It appears that Palin is bringing more problems to a White House that has an abundance of them already. She seems to be more trouble than she is worth. We need more problems and troubles like we need a hole in the head. She just is not vice-president material. Just because she is the female version of a bully doesn't mean she would make a good vice-president. While the Obama/Biden ticket is relatively pristine, the McCain/Palin ticket is polluted and frought with controversy that is building by the hour. Her brother-in-law was on CNN today and looked like he was scared to death. Has his life been threatened? I smell much hot treachery in cold Alaska, and Palin has her hockey mom mits all over it!

Dan said...

With all that talk about "fight" last night, it's clear what Mccain has on his mind. He also pointed the finger at Iran and Russia in the same breath! What the heck is going on! Get this senile clown out of the way - let the real leader of the free world take over the Whitehouse and turn that mutha black.
We should all fear the future if Mccain becomes President. He will reinstitute the draft, go to war with Iran, North Korea, Russia... and then die... and leave it to Palin.
Imagine that... a hockey mom running all that mess.

You can always take the safer bet, and vote for Obama!

Dan said...

Then people wonder why people around the world hate us. With a cowboy mentality like that, Obama separates himself from the politicians of the past.

A.C. McCloud said...

Well, I am certainly flattered by getting a visit from David Axelrod and "Dan" Abrams (wink, wink) but you'll have to do better than that.