Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Palin Day

Has any speech ever meant so much to one politician as Sarah Palin's does to John McCain? A pitiful speech--game over. A marginal speech--the left's collective buttburst and their veiled references to "Wasilly" might just be close to the truth. A good speech--he (and she) are a lot smarter than advertised and it's game on. A great speech--game over.

We await the results.

MORE 9/3/08

She can certainly throw down a one-liner, such as "and when those styrofoam greek columns are hauled back to some studio lot" in reference to Barack's grandiose acceptance speech. Her comment about Harry Reid was flat awesome, and her allusion to the presidency not being "a journey" was priceless. Down. To. Earth.

The presence and warmth shine through, even if her delivery wasn't perfectly flawless. Yes, there were lulls--she didn't corkscrew the crowd out of the stadium by any means. But she damn sure did better than some small town mayor from Wasilly, BFD Alaska. Verdict--good. Game on.

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