Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ivins Update

It's mostly forgotten amidst all the financial news but information continues to trickle out about Dr. Ivins regards the anthrax mailings. A log has surfaced of his security in/out swipe card register showing in detail when he entered/exited the various facilities at the Fort on September 17/18 and for October 6-9 during the mailing windows.

This is new information--the original affidavit had a log of his evening visits that stopped on September 16, saying, "after September 16, Dr. Ivins did not enter Suite B3 in the evening again until September 25". There was similar language after October 5th. Both are seemingly contradictory to this new log information.

You may recall that some lefties (who generally can't wait to prove the government mailed the envelopes) got lathered up over this WaPo article last month that purportedly attributed Ivin's leave taken during the day on September 17th as the window of opportunity, that is until the lefties reminded everyone the postmark would have been on the 17th. The window was then moved forward to the overnight hours of the 17th-18th.

Ed Lake has a synopsis but he apparently made a mistake on September 18th, the day the letters were postmarked. Ivins either had two windows of opportunity that day or something is amiss with the logs.

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