Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pining for Mahmoud

Here's how CNN described Ahmadinejad's visit to the UN:
As Ahmadinejad spoke, the only person at the United States table was a note-taker; no U.S. diplomat was present. When President Bush spoke earlier Tuesday, however, Ahmadinejad was in the room.
Guess they missed this.

It's almost as if this story was lifted from Iran's Press TV as it went on to twice apologetically explain his previous remarks about "wiping Israel off the map"--only a "political" threat not physical--then repeated all his other distorted talking points, which are distortions.

But his comment about the American empire falling, while hard to fully rebut due to our recent financial mess, was the worst of all. Rather bizarre to read it on an American news website quoting from an enemy standing on American soil rubbing things in our face while both CNN and A'jad know they've been actively killing American soldiers in Iraq and helping the Taliban in Afghanistan (Shia cooperating with Sunni no less).

Obama weighed in on the speech and seemingly urged McCain to get just as tough on the regime as HE has been, which utterly confounded one noted blogger, who mentioned something about tools.


Dan said...

You wanted a big event in order to pull us all into war? You got it.
We ALL knew Bush was going to pull something by the end of his term. This economic crisis was it. Bush was rolling the dice with his cronies by putting all of our lives into jeopardy if we do not fight in his war. Thanks Bush… you’ve killed us all.

And get rid of that stupid quote from Theodore Roosevelt on the right side of the screen "We are the govt..." If the people were the government, then we would not be in this damn mess. If the people were the government, we would ALL vote Obama into office tomorrow. If we were all the government, we would not be in this economic crisis where we have to bail out those financial leaders who are gambling our pensions, retirement investments, and social security away. The Bush administration thoroughly disgusts me! They are the real terrorists!

A.C. McCloud said...

Thanks for dropping a comment Dan, although I really don't know what the first part refers to. My post was simply suggesting that a terror attack right now (by the real terrorists, the ones who attacked us, remember?) could possibly do in the country. It's not a partisan thing, my good man.

Actually, I've tried not to point fingers on this mess but one could easily blame Clinton policies for both 9/11 (downplaying terrorism in the 90s) and the housing collapse that led to this mess (affordable housing via sub primes) but that would be very simplistic, much like your explanation. So I won't.