Friday, September 19, 2008

Fierce, Feminist, and in your Face

The NOW ladies have decided to strongly endorse the man who calls reporters 'sweetie' and his running mate Joe, who thinks the Palin nomination was a backwards step for women. Or was it a step back for backwards women? Whatever, after Bill Clinton the hypocrisy can no longer surprise.

Meanwhile we await the fate of Joe. Rumors are swirling about his eventual demise as a running mate in favor of Hillary, but can they really afford to do it?

Even if they can successfully switch the lineup with narrative help from team media Obama is still stuck with Hillary, an overpowering and more experienced figure with a megalomaniac husband looming even larger. I think they'll biden their time (sorry) to see how the polls go over the next week or two. If Palin surges they'd be better off popping before the first debate.

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