Sunday, September 28, 2008

Terrorist Mind Games

This is what happens when terrorists are allowed a voice in court:
Mohammed, wearing a black turban, began by asking Marine Col. Ralph Kohlmann about his religious beliefs and whether he had any association with the religious organizations of Pat Robertson or the late Jerry Falwell.
Not to be outdone, his sidekick Binalshibh chimed in:
"Your last name is Kohlmann, which is a Jewish name, not a Christian name." Kohlmann told him he was mistaken.
The picture painted by the WaPo was a chilling game of turning the tables reminiscent of some of the most intelligently deranged criminals in history. We should take note that none of them claimed hostility towards Cheney for the inside job.

All this talk about KSM rekindles an old question--what happened to his brother Zahid al-Sheikh (Zahid Sheikh Mohammed)? According to Simon Reeve's "The New Jackals" Zahid was a bigwig with Mercy International in Pakistan, a Muslim charity that reportedly was used to funnel money for al Qaeda. Zahid supposedly had contacts with bin Laden and even former Pakistani president Nawaz Sharif. It's unclear whether he's being pursued, and if not, why not.


Anonymous said...

I have to admit, I'm seething.

On the other hand, this is exactly what terrorists have been instructed to do when hauled in before a magistrate. The underlying argument is that if the defendants are not tried under Shari'ah Law, then they are denied a fair trial.

I keep thinking, a 5.56mm round is so much cheaper.

A.C. McCloud said...

I keep thinking, a 5.56mm round is so much cheaper.

Yes, within a week we've got A'jad standing in Manhattan gloating about our downfall and KSM haranguing a military judge. Where is Bush?

Funny thing is, had they lined them up in the GTMO courtyard and plastered them with machine gun fire everyone would rightfully scream. Yet had they done it with one of our AC-130 gunships at the door of the cave everyone would have applauded.

The latter is hardly part of a "law enforcement approach" to handling terrorism and certainly doesn't protect their human rights, but so far we've heard few complaints from the "we torture" crowd. Matter of fact, it was the Kerryites who were in favor of using more Special Forces.