Monday, September 08, 2008

Did Bush Win the War on Terror....

When nobody was looking? Terrorism sure doesn't rank very high on the national polls of most-important issues anymore..

Even Iraq is falling away as an issue. Barack Obama is running almost entirely against Bush's economic record, promising free chickens in every pot (fueled by green technology), pausing only to mention terrorism when reminding voters that Bush hasn't been chasing terrorists into the Pakistani caves where they live (even though he has).

Obviously this post is tongue-in-cheek; Bush didn't secretly win the War on Terra anymore than Obama rescued America's worldwide reputation while causing proud tingles up and down network anchor legs by simply running. Er, well the last part is true. But no, the polls are reflective of public indifference after seven years without an attack coupled with some war fatigue.

But technically, if Obama is correct that Bush is responsible for the economy isn't Bush also responsible for shutting down terrorism against America? And if so, what kind of change would Obama propose to 'turn that around'?

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Anonymous said...

Where can I learn more about a chicken in every pot? Do I have to pull out all the feathers, or will someone do that for me?

LASunsett said...


First you must fill out the forms and send them in. After your application is thoroughly reviewed, it is sent to the main office for further review.

If at that time, you meet the requirements for such a program, you can expect a certified letter telling you have been approved. You can then expect a voucher to arrive in the mail approximately 60 working days after your request is approved.

You then take the voucher to your township trustee to be validated, then to the county clerk's office for a signature. After, you have jumped through all of these hoops, you will probably have lost your appetite and will likely tell the government to keep the bird.

(I think one of the forms specifically asks you if you want the bird plucked or alive, but I really can't be sure.)

Hope this helps.

A.C. McCloud said...

See Mustang, just an easy 10 step process. Obama really is for change!