Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Thoughts

Mr. Change went to DC. Mr. Change spoke at the bi-partisan meeting. And change was nowhere to be seen:
"a sour, contentious note after animated exchanges among lawmakers.."
Fresh off that stunning level of harmonic change, Mr. Change was interviewed on whether McCain might change his mind about the decision to suspend the straight talk express and not attend the Ole Miss debate, to which he replied:
"Sen. McCain has no need to be fearful about a debate," Obama told reporters. "He's a person of strong opinions and he's been expressing them on the campaign trail."
Did he just call McCain a scaredy cat? Hopefully he changes that tone of change.


We have two choices: allow the bail out and suffer the consequences, or suffer the consequences. I'm still leaning towards the government doing something mainly because I don't relish the thoughts of a depression. Call it selfish--it probably is, but I was also in favor of Bush suspending some liberties in the name of security to go after terrorists who might use loose WMDs. That was back when almost everyone on the left was screaming daily about "sacrificing liberty in the name of temporary security", which was horrible when chasing terrorists but's now quite OK when it comes to their money and health care.

There are much better conservatives than I, and you can find one right here.

It would be nice if the Feds could treat this like when they took over a railroad--setting up a quasi government corporation later sold for a small profit--if only to keep it outside the claws of grandstanding demigods, dingbats and social engineers like Barney Frank, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. All in all, viewed from any side it's bad.


If this story, or this one, are even partially true Americans voting for Obama need to ask themselves just how badly they value the American system of government. It was clear long ago that Obama was a figurehead for the social left, and what better time for him to come upon the scene with the government poised to take over most of the finance markets.


We're loaded and ready for bear, a description that might become more apt as the evening wears on. Yes, it has been a long tough week.

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