Thursday, September 18, 2008

The President Conundrum

Let me begin this post by saying that Sarah Palin is an outstanding woman (yeah, there's some negative stuff to follow). Her enthusiasm shows through in her bright and steady gaze, more so than most politicians you'll ever see. The first time I saw Bill Clinton speak I knew he was full of crap. The first time I saw Palin she dripped genuine. And enthused. And positive. No wonder the left initiated the mother of all smearfests--they saw it, too.

Speaking of smears, as this is being typed a long-time Tennessee State Rep from Memphis (and yes, a Democrat) confirmed his 20 year old son was contacted regarding the obscene hacking of Palin's Yahoo email account. Boy howdy, yet another plum for Memphis, even if there's nothing to it. But hey, today our mayor chastised local conservatives for drinking "hatorade".

He's wrong nationally--it's the left guzzling the hatorade, and they are making a huge mistake by rolling out operation low down dirty. Everyone knows such slimebucket practices tend to endear team McCain to Ma and Pa Kettle, still clinging to their guns and Bibles and their 40 year record of voting.

At the same time the participating leftists did nothing but reveal themselves as selfish ideological frauds, tearing down the very tenets of tolerance and diversity they've pretended to champion just to gain political power. Sounds like a good time for some group sensitivity training.

The irony is that even the slightest bit of restraint might have eventually handed them the Palin they want without the sympathy scars. Based so far on the Gibson and Hannity interviews she's not exactly displaying the kind of gravitas normally expected for applicants. Her argument that we need fresh eyes is viable but she needs to convince us those fresh eyes will be able to stare down Putin's dead ones if worse comes to worse.

With that, many voters are going to be forced to enter the booth hoping and praying McCain lives as long as his mother while she gets her feet wet. At some point she'll be good to go but remember--country first! Yes, I'm a cynic.

The problem is, there is no alternative. None. Voting for Obama is like voting for Che. And while Biden's definition of patriotism is higher taxes, mine isn't abstaining from voting. Hopefully the debates will change the picture--I still think Biden will show his rear big time perhaps offsetting Palin's inexperience, so I'm keeping hope alive there.

In the meantime, if they are successful her main job duty should be to continually whisper in Mac's ear reminding him of his erroneous positions on ANWR, polar bears and amnesty. She best be careful though, a 44 year old fireball can be awfully stressful on the ole ticker.

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