Monday, September 01, 2008

Temper Tantrums

The hypersonic tarring of the first GOP woman to run for high office, Sarah Palin, is beyond anything seen on the political scene in a long time. Yet when combined with previous attacks the latest imbecilic forays are quite consistent.

These same people think Bush lied about Saddam, even when shown video evidence of the presumptive Dem Vice President saying otherwise in 2007. They believe Cheney is some kind of universal force for evil because he defended the administration against that Bush lied meme, and they tie "McSame" to the whole thing. Yet while "BushCo" trashed the Constitution to spy on their important phone calls a sudden case of apathy recently broke out when an ABC reporter was choked by a cop in Denver because he wouldn't stop filming DNC bigwigs coming and going at the convention. That's aside from their private jet travel into DIA, hardly an example of "changing the way they live".

Admittedly it might not be appropriate to question their patriotism but it's certainly prudent to question their collective maturity. Consider it officially questioned.

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