Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Another War is Lost

I love this quote from Walid Shoebat regarding the recent Newsweek surrender monkey edition:
“When I was a terrorist, the western media believed me. Now that I am telling the truth, they call me a liar.
A nice way to put it--up is down. John Kerry once promised he'd make terrorism a "nuisance" if elected, which goes along with Zakaria's capitulation suggestion quite well. It's the old "we can't win a war on terror--there will always be terror" argument that was going around four years ago. There is merit to it, but saying we might not win but won't give up trying is one thing; conceding defeat is quite another. Chances are the one-eyed Mullahs and their head-chopping, freedom hating followers haven't conceded anything yet.

Wonder if Newsweek really believes this pap or are they just trying to drum up sales? Times are tough. Then again, they also had the Koran flushing edition.

Or maybe they're just running interference for Obama and his coming misadventures in Afghanistan and the GWoT (after Jack Cafferty's wet kiss, anything's possible). Since election day we've witnessed the Taliban being handed the Swat Valley complete with Sha'ria law and A.Q. Khan being released back into the general popultion. At home politicians are calling for a 'truth commission', not to find truth but to bash those who were just recently fighting for it. The planned memorial to Flight 93 looks like a crescent. And yet everybody continues to worry about money.


Darth Rob said...

That link about the crescent got my attention, so I looked into it. The truth about the design can be found here.

A.C. McCloud said...

I've not been outspoken about the memorial conspiracy here because frankly I don't know. It does appear to be shaped like a crescent, whether Islamic or otherwise.

A.C. McCloud said...

The winning design was actually called The Crescent of Embrace when first unveiled, which seems to be where the controversy first erupted.

The shameful thing is that 8 years after the fact we still don't have a fitting memorial.