Friday, March 13, 2009

Settled Science

In other news, global tropical activity remains at a low ebb according to Florida State. This goes counter not only to Al Gore and the Environmental Defense Fund, but also to Dr. William Gray.

Wonder, does anybody besides Hansen really know what's going on? Oh well, science is now in the forefront of our policy, so no doubt Obama will take this lessening of hurricane acitivity into serious account.


Mustang said...

So let me see if I understand the new tax plan. Liberal politicians intend to tax human beings because they exhale carbon dioxide—the carbon tax. Damn, this is brilliant. Our debt will be paid about twenty minutes from now.

LASunsett said...

Harken, my dear Mustang, for thou art so naive. I bet Fanatsy Island was your favorite show in the 70s, no?

Our debt will NOT be paid in 20 minutes. They will spend that money on something else and accrue more debt along the way. But we can all dream, can't we? Answer: Yes. Yes we can.