Monday, March 23, 2009

Sign of the Times?

Seems a bit harsh, eh? The guy may have been violating some kind of rule but those words are holy to many, many millions. It might be isolated and meaningless, but with everything going on nowadays it seems more like a sign of the times.

Back in the 80s they let this guy, who turned out to be a nut, hold up his John 3:16 sign all the time. Surely the leagues wanted to rip it down as it was a distraction from the game and probably made more than a few mad or guilty, especially the ones at home swilling beer on Sunday afternoon. But they didn't, or at least didn't make a production of it. Are sensibilities different now? Would such actions be taken if the man held up a verse from the Qu'ran or perhaps "Austin 3:16"? Just wondering (again).

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