Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pitchfork Populism

Stephen Colbert needs to listen closely to Shep Smith before picking up any more pitchforks and next time direct his mob to where it belongs--in front of Congress.

After all, only a clown brigade could demagogue the very same bonuses they allowed to happen via legislation only a few weeks ago. Only a clown posse could stand in front of illegal aliens and call them patriotic while labeling border enforcement unAmerican.

And only an insane clown posse could threaten to publicly name the names of individuals who were merely parties to legal compensation contracts in a shameless effort to save their scrawny political backsides, or perhaps deflect attention away from the Fed's money move. The AIG employees need to tell Frank where to put all this feigned indignation (and not where he might enjoy it) then take large chunks of their bonus money and donate it to charity while engaging in some demagoguery themselves over Obama's idea to limit charitable donations.

And where is the watchdog media? Running interference as usual, but they can't hide this massive hypocrisy forever. Here's al-Reuters making the ole college try, though:
Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell pinned much of the blame on the Obama administration, which inherited the AIG bailout, the financial crisis and the recession from the Republican administration of George W. Bush.
Nice framework. But here's a question they need to ask. Will they? Can they without mentioning Bush at the same time?

Hey though, they did unearth the fact that Arizona is a great place to play golf (if one has a job, that is). So is Ireland, which sounds like a great early retirement destination for this clown. Finally, a new respect for coach K as Obama jinxes us again.

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