Sunday, March 29, 2009

Obama--Hit the Road, Rick

So Obama asked GM chief Rick Waggoner if he might need to spend more quality time with the family? Hey, that beats another year with pay capped at a dollar. At least now he can claim his executive compensation package on the way out, unless they an angry mob catches him.

The government's plan hasn't completely been announced yet but word is Obama will have strong presence on the board and will 'suggest' to the company they make more efficient cars, like Vegas and Chevettes. To appease the disappointed customers who've ordered the 2010 Camaro, which will soon be deemed too capitalistic, he will order, er, suggest that racing stripes be placed on all new vehicles except for the Volt, which will feature a lightning bolt. A new hydrogen car is in the works, tentatively known as the Fart.

Hey, don't criticize me -- just a bit of gallows humor. What's left?

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Darth Rob said...

The new Chevy Fart! Nice post.