Saturday, March 28, 2009

Moving On...

Harper's is stirring up a Saturday with their feature about the Spanish court going after Bush officials for their 'crimes' in the pursuit of head-chopping terrorists. Memorandum has the links, one of which led back to Senator Leahy's recent remarks to Time Mag about how all of this might go down:
One path to that goal is to appoint a truth-finding panel. We could develop and authorize a person or group of people universally recognized as fair-minded and without an ax to grind. Their straightforward mission would be to find the truth. .
As if.

Such a view seems to suggest one of three things: 1) the naivete of some liberals, 2) the hubris of some Congressmen, 3) deviousness. My personal pick is option three because I believe Leahy is still upset at Cheney for the F bomb. But even more sinister, he's a garden variety truther with respect to the anthrax attacks and seems to be part of a search and destroy mission currently being organized by his party, echoed daily by it's leader (something recently addressed by the Hitch).

Perhaps they've got visions of Bush officials on the stand defending themselves over the past as the 2010 campaign season gets underway, who knows.

Bring it on, though. Perhaps such a truth commission would be high profile enough to allow for some real truths to pop out at an opportune moment.

MORE 3/29/09

Bill Clinton and Tony Blair, fugitives from justice. Sort of puts this all in perspective, eh?


Anonymous said...

You are ever the optimist, sir. I suspect any commission chartered to “determine the extent of Bush War Crimes” has already formed their conclusions; ergo, the commission is/would be a de facto waste of time and money, which is something liberals do know a lot about.

I must quibble, however, with the notion that liberals are naïve. Of all the adjectives available to describe these people, the “naïve” should be one of the last we consider. Certainly, Leahy is not naïve, but he is trite, arrogant, venomous, vindictive, and obtuse. In any case, the question was about the veracity of a commission. I submit to you that such a commission would be as credible as the so-called 9/11 commission, one member of whom was Jamie Gorelick (aka the mistress of disaster), having done as much as anyone to create the circumstances of those attacks.

What a bunch of flakes.

Darth Rob said...

Why don't they try Osama Bin Laden for war crimes, he targetted innocent people and continues to do so. I don't think we should allow them to try a former pres for war crimes. What were his crimes? Torture? I was for torturing Al Qaeda, does that make me a war criminal. Since we weren't at war with any particular nation only a conflict with terrorists, how can it be a war crime. If you apply the Obama admins new labels for things, then Bush and his administration are innocent.

A.C. McCloud said...

I still think something good could come out of such a commission, which would be to turn this BS back around on these hyenas right before 2010.