Sunday, March 01, 2009

Rush at CPAC

So he said it again. The attack dogs are predictably pouncing, just as he said they would, including CNN's political analyst Bill Schneider who called the speech "angry". As he's said in the past they're trying to narrow the movement down to just him so the attack dog can better defeat the entire movement.

Thing is, Rush really IS the party right now.

Quick, think of an outspoken Republican who's stepping forward to lead the party. Few seem to have the political courage to echo his sentiments right now, so afraid they are of Obamamania or being labeled by the conventional wisdom nazis. Ron Paul is the exception, when he's not busy quoting the Lancet study on Iraq. Otherwise crickets.

Clearly the left's outrage is manufactured shock to the point of pretending they've never heard about this El Rushbo fella before. In truth they know the "fail" thing is about ideology not the country, something the mainstream media also knows--the same media who views CPAC speeches differently than they do YearlyKos speeches, for example.

The same media who post pictures such as the one at left with their Limbaugh stories, with Obama framed under halos.

The critics say Limbaugh can say whatever, whenever because he doesn't have the responsibility of a politician. Well, Chuck Hagel said it. While true, there's no reason politicians can't do the same. Their jobs weren't designed to be careers.

So what's the best way forward? Obama promised change in Washington but so far he's broken nearly every one of those promises and is currently on the verge of signing a huge appropriation bill full of the earmarks he said he wanted to reform. He should veto the bill on principle to create a "line in the sand" moment, but the chances of that are slim to none, and slim's already left town. The Republicans should pounce on this and regain their traditional fiscal watchdog position but instead half the earmarks are coming from them.

By the way, RIP Paul Harvey. His talent on loan from God will be sorely missed across the fruited plain.

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