Thursday, March 19, 2009

Obama on Leno

Not sure what the final cut will be, but the pre-show reviews are in:
Obama told "The Tonight Show" host the payments raise moral end ethical problems -- and the administration's going to do everything it can to get them back. But Obama added the bigger problem is the culture that allowed traders to claim them. He says that's got to change if the economy is to recover.
I can fully understand and appreciate the Adamsonian precept of America needing a moral grounding to our capitalistic republic but such is not something the government can provide--it's up to the individual. The only way Obama could guarantee a change in habits would be to force a soul-searching through creation of a socialist nanny state (something Adams probably predicted).

Interesting, though. If Obama thinks our current financial system, corrupted every bit as much by experiments in social engineering as greed, cannot recover without some kind of moral wind shift wonder what he thinks of this system (note the link to AIG)?

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